Please call us so we can explain that we can fish for fluke during NYS season closure as we have the RSA permit. Please consider us for your fishing trip. We have some choice dates available.
Call us to book a fishing trip or afternoon sail for your family and friends over the Labor Day Weekend!
Call 631-859-5195 or 516-650-8695 to make arrangements to come see the boat!
We have the RSA permit so we can fish for fluke into the fall.

"DIXIE II" Fishing Reports

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Call us to learn more. We would love to show you the boat and explain more about chartering the "DIXIE II". We have been in business for over 27 years and we would love to serve you. If you are looking for a quality operated boat and business, please consider us now or in the future. Please call 631-859-5195 or 516-650-8695 for additional information.

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We carry all types of groups & passengers!
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